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Tadalis 20mg

Manufactured by: Ajanta Pharma
Composition: Tadalafil

  • STRENGTH : 20mg

  • DELIVERY TIME : 25 days

Tadalis 20mg is generic version of Cialis contains Tadalafil which help to achieve hard erection. Buy Tadalis Online at best rates for healthy lovemaking. ✓ 100% Satisfaction.
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Tadalis is a generic version of Cialis containg same active ingredient Tadalafil which is an erectile dysfunction drug. You should not confuse yourself between Cialis and Tadalis while buying online. Tadalis is available in two forms, daily pills, and weekend pills. Tadalis consists of PDE5 inhibitor drugs. The main function of PDE5 inhibitor drugs is to relax the muscles around the male reproductive organ. This increases the blood flow into the penis and assists in a stronger and lasting erection. Tadalis 20mg helps to get an erection only when one is sexually stimulated. The daily form of Tadalis is taken daily. Weekend pills are taken on demand as it lasts for a longer time. Buy Tadalis Online.

How should you take Tadalis 20mg?

If you’re unsure about the medication, use them only after proper consultation. Use the tablets according to the guidelines and the results are guaranteed. Following are some points to be remembered while taking the medications;

Swallow the tablet whole with water.

Daily doses should not be taken after one dose. It is not meant for continuous uses. Maintain the timing of the dosages.

Weekend pills last for 36 hours. So after consuming one tablet, extra tablets should be avoided as it may lead to overdosage.

Take the tablet 1 hour before sex to experience better results.

Avoid consuming heavy meals as it may lead to slow absorption of the drug.

In case you miss one dose, do not double the dose. Take it if there is still time for the next dose. In between if the next dose time comes, there is no necessity to take the missed dose. Carry on with the routine and the prescribed dose. Buy Tadalis Online.

What is the recommended dosage of Tadalis?

Tadalis daily pills are available in dosages of 2.5mg and 5mg. The Maximum dosage of 5mg should not be exceeded. For beginners, it is recommended to start with 2.5mg tablets and increase as per the needs if there are no side effects.

Weekend pills are available in dosages of 10mg and 20mg. The initial dosage should be limited to 10mg. If there are no side effects then increase the dosage only after prior consultation.

Tadalis Side Effects

Everyone has different bodies. Not all may experience side effects. But getting a knowledge about the side effects is essential, as it may prevent it from getting severe. Some of the side effects of Tadalis 20mg are;

Face Swelling, lips or throat, difficulty in breathing.

Chest pain, a headache, indigestion, running nose.

Severe side effects of Tadalis are – An erection lasting for more than 4 hours, sudden sight or hearing loss, bleeding or blood in the semen, fainting or temporary loss, redness in the eyes, swelling of eyelids. Buy Tadalis.

When should you take Tadalis?  

The daily pill is taken on a daily basis and lasts for 24 hours. Daily pills are best suitable if you want to indulge in sexual activity twice or thrice per week.

The weekend pills are taken only a single time and the effect stays up to 36 hours. You should take the dose only after the time period of 3 days. 

Tadalis Precautions and Warnings

Do not take Tadalis if you’re on nitrate medication. It is necessary to inform the doctor if you are undergoing any other treatments.

You should not consume Tadalis if you are undergoing alpha blockers or any high-pressure treatment, antifungal medicines, HIV treatment, any infections.

Tadalis is strictly restricted from persons who have had a heart attack in previous 90 days, have a low or high blood pressure. People with a serious liver or kidney problem, should take the medication only after proper consultation.

If you experience dizziness or get tired after taking the medication, do not drive. Pregnant women should refrain from using Tadalis 20mg.

Tadalis Questions & Answers

Can I use alcohol?

It is recommended to not use alcohol while using Tadalis tablets. Using alcohol will increase the Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. Alcohol may increase the risk of Postural Hypertension.

How to store it?

The tablet should not be kept in front of children. Store it in the original packet itself and at room temperature. Take special care to not expose it to light and moisture.

Will I be able to drive?

In most of the cases, it is safe to drive. But if you experience any lack of judgement then do not drive and consult a doctor.

Are there any chances of allergies?

This drug contains lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, sodium lauryl sulphate, microcrystalline cellulose magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide (E171), triacetin, talc, iron oxide yellow (E172), or iron oxide red (E172). People with allergic to these ingredients, should refrain from using Tadalis 20mg.

Is it safe for a beginner to use Tadalis?

The medicine effect may vary from person to person. Consult the doctor before using Tadalis to find any existing diseases will have an effect on the use. If the doctor has cleared all the doubts, it is strictly recommended to use the tablets only according to the prescribed dosage. Buy Tadalis Online.