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Users shall refrain from publishing any explicit contents on Medsdelight which is lewd and which may not be appropriate for the readers.

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Privacy Policy

At Medsdelight, we believe that your privacy is our concern also. We are very conscious of your personal details. We have a professional approach towards maintaining each customers privacy and also the company’s integrity by not disclosing anything to another entity.

Medsdelight uses a supervisory, technical approach in securing the personal details of our clients. You can contact us immediately if you believe that your personal information is no longer secure with us. We will try to evade any such instances and provide you with all the help needed.

When you visit our website, there is no need of disclosing any personal information. Anyone can have access and browse through the site to know the complete details about us and the products we source. We do not collect your information automatically without your consent.

A third party is never entitled to access any of the personal information of our customers. By saying this, we are specific about the information we require for placing an order and we proceed only when a buyer is ready.

External organizations are not entertained by us, thus securing the personal information which you provide. The information you provide is a sensitive one such as genetic origin, political views, religion etc. So it is recommended to not disclose any personal information unless we request for it.

The information we require from you is mainly to improve the content on the website and to measure the use of our site.

We make use of our information with your consent only for responding to your queries, placing an order, for allowing you to check our specific standards used for products. The credibility of our organization lies in securing our customer’s information and we assure with all the measures required to protect it.

Shipping Policy

Generally, the orders take between 7 to 15 days for delivery. Your order will be confirmed only after full payment is done. We possess the right to deliver the products only after the payment is made and a valid address is provided. We will provide you with the tracking number of your shipment. You can track down the status of your delivery with the tracking number.

Customers are requested to give their accurate address while placing their orders. In case of an improper address, we are not responsible for a wrong delivery. Customers will also not be applicable for any refund if such situation arises. So it is the primary concern of buyers to provide correct address and information.

When an order is placed, we will let you know the shipping and delivery dates based on the availability of your medication. You can select from various shipping modes. The costs may vary according to each. We charge only standard rates for shipment complying with current specifications. The shipments are secured with all the preventive measures possible. This enables us to deliver the products to you smoothly and without any damage.

We make sure that each product you order with us gets to you at the prescribed time. But sometimes due to external factors, the delivery may get delayed.

There are a variety of factors which may affect the delivery date and time. A national or a local holiday, delay from the postal service department are some of them. So we request our customers to get in touch with us if any of the shipment is delayed and we assure with all the help needed.

Refund Policy

Customers can return the product and be eligible for a refund only under the following circumstances;

  1. The product was directly purchased from Medsdelight with all the required details.
  2. The product should not be opened and no repackaging is done.
  3. Courier damages, computer errors must be reported as soon as possible to the customer support team at Medsdelight to be eligible for a refund.
  4. If the shipment is damaged and cannot be used, then refund is applicable.
  5. All the damages must be noted on Bill of landing at the time of delivery along with pictures and signed documents. If the bill of landing is not signed along with proper pictures, we may not be able to provide a proper refund.
  6. Returns can only be applied from the original user who has ordered the product. No other person will be entertained by us. A relevant information by the original buyer is necessary for a refund.

Returns will not be done or no credit will be issued under following circumstances;

  1. If the prescriptions are opened or partially opened unless it is asked by Medsdelight.
  2. If the products are not in the original sealed packet.
  3. Products returned without any receipt or representative picture of the damage.
  4. Products damaged due to improper storage or handling.
  5. If there is no valid point for a refund, we make sure that the refund is eligible for only credible customers. Thus the returns are made only after thorough investigation.
  6. Outdated or returned products after the prescribed time mentioned by Medsdelight.

Customers need not worry if there is a damage to the product or if the product is not delivered at the correct time. We at Medsdelight will provide you with the returns if found out that the damage is from our side.

When such situations arise, customers are requested to immediately contact the customer care support team to help you out with further process. We will not refrain from admitting our mistakes, but we believe in transparency and thus refund will be provided by looking into each and every matter.