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Caverta 100mg

Manufactured by: Ranbaxy Pharma
Composition: Sildenafil Citrate

  • STRENGTH : 100mg

  • DELIVERY TIME : 25 days

Caverta tablets 100mg contains sildenafil citrate which helps to treat men’s impotency. Buy Caverta Online at best rates for healthy lovemaking. ✓ 100% Satisfaction.
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Caverta tablets is a medication used for Erectile Dysfunction and male impotence problems. Erectile Dysfunction restricts the penis to attain its full length and erection. Most of the cases of Erectile Dysfunction are due to diabetes, smoking or any other medical condition. Caverta tablets contain active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. It relaxes the smooth muscles and increases the flow of blood through the body. This helps to last an erection much longer.  Caverta 100mg is a generic version and thus the prices are cheaper comparatively. It is  basically used to treat impotence in men by maintaining the erections for a longer time. Caverta 100mg tablets are extensively manufactured in India and available through online as well as pharmacies.

What are the benefits of Caverta?

Erectile dysfunction was confined to older men only initially. But in recent times, middle-aged and younger men are also experiencing erectile dysfunction. In a long-term relationship, erectile dysfunction will lead to serious issues. Thus it’s advisable to treat it at the right time. Caverta tablets help in maintaining the erection for a longer time. Caverta is a generic form of Sildenafil, thus making them cheaper and popular among its users. With a lower price, you can experience the same results as of Viagra. You can buy caverta online easily.

How Caverta works? 

Caverta is a phosphodiesterase type 5(PDE5) inhibitor drugs. The main ingredient in Caverta is Sildenafil Citrate. It expands the arteries in the male reproductive organ thus increasing the flow of blood. It compresses the veins leading out, allowing more blood to flow in and less blood to flow out. PDE5 restricts the penis from getting and maintaining an erection. Cyclic monophosphate guanosine (cGMP) increases the blood flow to the penis as it relaxes the smooth muscles which help to get an erection. Caverta 100mg blocks the activity of PDE5 and enables to get a long-lasting erection.

What is the recommended usage of Caverta tablets?

There are three dosages of Caverta. It is available in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages. The tablets should be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Taking it after consuming food will decrease the drug absorption rate. The maximum dosage for a single day is not more than 100mg. Overdosage may have some severe consequences thus care should be taken. As metabolisms of persons vary from one another, dosages also vary. For men having chronic diseases such as liver and kidney, the maximum dosage should not exceed 25mg for one day. Younger men and old aged men will have distinct body metabolisms, thus dosage varies according to the age too. Men who are above 65 years must start with 25mg dosage. They can increase the dosage with only prior consultation with the doctor. The tablet must be consumed before 60 minutes from sex. Generally, the erection lasts up to 4 hours. The effect of this medication can be observed after 30 to 120 minutes after consumption. Buy Cheap Caverta online.

What should I know before taking Caverta 100mg?

Before taking any medications be it for sexual enhancement or medical purpose, proper knowledge of the medication is a vital thing. Knowing the pros and cons helps the user to understand the medication properly. It helps in avoiding things which may harm your health. While taking Caverta tablets also, these factors are pivotal. If you are not sure about the dosage, it’s wise to start with 50mg. The dosages should not be given a miss. Take a missed dose as soon as you remember. But if the time for next dose has come, then taking the previous dose is not entertained. For men above 65 years, 25mg is recommendable. Consuming it along with alcohol is a strict no. As Caverta is a generic version, the prices are much lower than its counterparts. Liver and kidney patients should consult their doctors before taking any medication. Doing heavy works or any other activities like driving must be avoided. All the activities should be resumed only after the effect of the drug is over. You must avoid Alcohol while taking Cavetra tablets.

What are the side effects of Caverta?

If you take your medications as per the correct dosage, there will be no severe effects. Different bodies will take different time for better results. So it’s wise to wait rather than overdo the medications. Overdosage will have various effects on the body, some may be cured within hours. Some common effects of overdosage are and if these persists, it is better to consult your doctor for further consultation;


Facial flushing


Lack of sleep

Pain in the back or muscles



Burning, numbness, tingling in the arms and feet

Vision problems

Sensitivity to light

Long-lasting erection and pain

Pain during urination

Are there any health warnings while consuming Caverta?

The effect of the medication may differ from person to person. Caverta tablets are not recommended for them who have any cardiovascular diseases. You should not consume Caverta tablets as it may lead to severe problems if sexual activity is not allowed for a user. Caverta cannot be used by them who have severe kidney problems. If the condition is a mild one, medications should be taken according to the prescribed dosages of 25mg per day. The same applies for them who have liver issues. If the erection lasts more than 6 hours, consult a doctor. If it is not treated properly, it may lead to permanent damage to the male reproductive organ. Caverta should be used with caution by those who have a retinal disorder. In severe cases, use of the medicine must be avoided. Overdosage should also be avoided in mild cases where only the prescribed dose can be consumed.