Why Do I Keep Waking Up with Anxieties?

Anxiety is associated with excess worry, restlessness, and uneasiness, fear resulting from an anticipation of an event (realistic or imaginary). It is physiological, psychological, and emotional state that results due to unrealistic behavior.

Look out for the symptoms of anxiety

  • panic attacks
  • palpitations
  • trembling
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • extreme worry
  • nervousness
  • afraid of danger
  • insomnia

Reasons for you waking up with anxieties 

  • Every morning if you are waking up with anxiety and if it happens regularly, it might be a signal to some underlying problem that needs medical intervention. Anxiety is usually triggered when you do not sleep well, particular for those who already suffer from anxiety. Not sleeping the previous night exacerbates anxiety and you might feel those affect the most immediately when you wake up. Almost all of us are aware that good sleep promotes brain health, it is during sound sleep that brain chemicals related to mental health are recharged. So if you don’t get good sleep, you’ll definitely have anxious moments the next day.
  • Another reason for you to wake up with a feeling of anxiety is if you are the one who have already suffer from anxiety disorder and have some important or toughest task coming up the next morning like giving a presentation in front of your boss and other members or you have a job interview, or you have some major exam .it is understandable that you’ll surely wake up with anxiety attacks and that’s alright too because you are aware that you are suffering from anxiety. But if you wake up with anxiety attacks consistently, then it is a cause of worry, it could be that you have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) this disorder makes the person worry mostly about everything whether it’s real or unrealistic. If you think you have GAD seek help from your therapist and start learning ways to manage it.
  • One more major reason for you waking up with anxiety in the morning is that you’ve been feeding your brain with negative thoughts. Therapist say if you are thinking about negative happenings the whole night and filling your brain with lot of negativity, then it could be what’s causing you anxiety. So every night before you fall asleep empty your mind of the entire negative though that’s been lingering in your mind the whole day, just relax or do some meditation before going to sleep. This will definitely help you to wake up with a clear mind and attitude.
  • Do you smoke? If yes then you are likely to wake up with anxious mornings, this is because during sleep you don’t smoke, it’s this that causes nicotine withdrawal symptoms that starts while you’re sleeping and you tend to wake up with lot of anxious moments combined with restlessness.
  • Sometimes you wake up with anxiety if you have to go for a social gathering. While you will be looking forward to your day, you could also wake up with anxiety, you are scared to face people this condition is called social phobia wherein it makes the person conscious, fear of being judged or embarrassed. Social anxiety is very common and you can overcome this condition.According to a touch therapist, you can use your interpersonal touch skills to open up with strangers during social situation, this can make you divert yourself from the feeling of fear and can make you more comfortable.

If you the one who is consistently experiencing morning anxiety, check what is triggering anxiety attacks, if you do not find anything that you are doing is triggering anxiety, then check what you are eating before sleeping. It could be your food that is creating anxious moments when you wake up- especially if you’re consuming coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate all can interrupt your sleep or else you might be eating heavy foods loaded with oils and fats that can also cause anxiety attacks in the mornings. So take care of what you put in your stomach.

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