Male Infertility Treatments Options

Male Infertility Treatments OptionsNot so long ago, male infertility treatments were quite limited. If a male could not bear an offspring, there were only few options like artificial insemination or IVF.But today, there are a lot many treatments for male infertility including both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Male fertility occurs due to low sperm count or no sperms in the ejaculation either due to hereditary reasons or due to some trauma. It is a more or less permanent condition in most circumstances. But with a range of treatments available today, it can be treated easily in the long-run. A lot of men are suffering from infertility and it is more common than you think. They can perform normal sexual activities but they cannot conceive.

Non-Surgical Male Infertility Treatment

  • Electro ejaculation Therapy (EEJ) – Many patients have a good sperm count but are unable to ejaculate due to some problem in the nervous system. They may also be infertile due to diseases of the lymph node, multiple sclerosis, pelvic surgery or diabetes. This method is also used for men with spinal cord injuries. Electro ejaculation is a hassle free thirty minute non-surgical procedure that is completely painless with a small amount of local anaesthesia. Electro ejaculation helps in recovering sperms and has successfully helped couples conceive.
  • Spinal Cord Injury- Spinal cord injury can be the cause of infertility in many men as it can lead to sperm blockage, erectile dysfunction, infections and problems in production of sperm. If the stage of injury in spine is above T-12 then a range of methods can be used to get sperm. Vibratory stimulation can be carried out on the penis, electro ejaculation or rectal probing can also be used.
  • Hormonal Deficiency treatments- If there is deficiency of hormone secretion and it is the cause of infertility for the male, it can be treated by giving medications for the secretion of that hormone.
  • Clomiphene Citrate- If the abnormalities in the sperm are mild then it can be treated by giving Clomiphene citrate tablets to the patient. This tablet helps in improving the quality of semen. Clomid helps in increasing the duration of sperm mortality and increasing the sperm count at the same time.

Male Infertility Surgical Treatments

  • Varicocele Ligation- If a varicose vein is detected then a surgery can be carried out to tie the abnormal veins. Most of the times, the surgery is successful in restoring the quality of the sperm. Pregnancy occurs within a year of the surgery.
  • Sperm Retrieval Techniques- Today through this technique, sperm of a man that had undergone vasectomy can also be obtained easily. Such processes of sperm retrieval can be done within an hour and the person can even get back to work after that. MESA and TESA however are a bit cumbersome procedure and require greater amount of time.

So these were some of the common methods of treatment of male infertility. These methods are easily available at all medical facilities. Do not shy for the problem, go and get help as it is out there. 40% percent of infertile couple are unable to conceive due to male infertility.

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