Is it okay to exercise if we have cold?

This is a bit of tricky question because there are no specific answers to it. Still, people are wondering whether to exercise during cold or not. For the fact, we very well know that exercise is good for health and doing any kind of exercise keeps us healthy and fit.

But is it essential to go for workouts when we are having a cold? Because cold makes us weak and it lets us love our home more than going outside. Though exercise can be done at home as well when we are having a cold, we are told to have bed rest.  Let us see how we can deal with cold even if we take the exercises.

There is no such hard and fast rule that you should avoid exercise when you’re suffering from cold. Because you can still prefer doing exercise when you’re having mild fever and cold.

Exercise may even help you feel better by opening your nasal passages and relaxing your body. As a general guide for exercising during cold, you should consider the following points-

  • Consider reducing the intensity of the workout
  • Don’t stress too much as your body won’t be able to deal with it
  • Exercising is okay if you’re symptoms are above the neck such as common cold, sneezing, minor sore throat or nasal congestion
  • Don’t exercise if you’re symptoms are above the neck that includes chest congestion or hacking in the stomach
  • Don’t work out if you’re dealing with high fever, illness or fatigue.

Let your body guide you through this because your body knows well. if exercising becomes difficult for you if you’re suffering from severe cold, then you should not. Listen to your body because it knows what’s good and bad for you.

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