How to Prevent Infertility

How to Prevent Infertility

If you are trying to have a baby, you must also be wondering how to prevent infertility. Or you simply want to be preventive for your long-distant future family. Although certain internal problems that lead to infertility are not possible, there are certain steps you can take to prevent some obstacles between you ability to conceive.

Six key steps both males and females can take to prevent infertility

1.   Avoid alcohol and drugs

For both men and women, the rules regarding the usage of drugs and alcohol are the same. Even using recreational drugs or “herbs” can prevent you from being able to conceive without trouble. Some women might be able to note that they might display premature signs of menopause due to smoking or even second hand smoking. Smoking can also cause miscarriages in the pregnancy.

Heavy alcohol use can lead to numerous issues like ovulation disorders and endometriosis in women, both have infertility as a common risk factor. Exposure to smoke, drugs, steroids, and alcohol abuse can all cause testicular atrophy in men leading to sterility.

2.   Try to get pregnant while young

The younger you are when trying to have a baby, the better chance you have of preventing infertility. Women’s fertility shows a decline past the age of 35 and goes on a downward spiral with each passing year. Also, if have an internal infertility issue, you are more likely to successfully receive fertility treatment when young.

3.   Maintain healthy weight

In women, being overweight, as well as, being underweight can lead to stop ovulation. However, doing extra exercise can also lead to a poor menstrual cycle which may further cause ovulation problems. Strike a balance between the aspects of maintaining weight – diet and exercise.

4.   Practice safe sex

Engaging in safe sex is key moral wise, as well as, health-wise. Sometimes questionable sexual behavior or actions can lead to contracting STDs or pelvic inflammation and the like. These ailments can hamper the ability to conceive and is not great in the long run.

Stay in a monogamous relationship even when you are young and not looking to have a baby. Men should wear condoms to ensure safe sex.

5.   Be aware of daily exposure to external factors

Exposure to certain external or environmental factors can also raise your risk of infertility. Both men and women can be at risk when exposed to pesticides and toxins for long hours. Certain compounds can cause hormonal imbalances in women and decreases sperm production in men.

Avoid x-rays as much as possible. If you work at places with toxic substances around, ask a doctor to analyse you beforehand. Avoid public saunas, hot tubs, and extreme artificially heated air.

6.   Monitor diet and exercise

Eating a well-balanced daily diet is the key to all bodily functions and biological experiences. Blend it with a good workout regimen to promote optimal health. Both diet and exercise, are helpful in sperm production in men and creating a fetus friendly womb in women.

In Conclusion:

Even if you think you are too young and not yet ready for a human of your own, it’s always better to take measures to secure your future baby. Follow the above guidelines to prevent infertility.

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