High salt intake also causes impotence

Salt is very important and inseparable part of our diet. It is a seasoning that is used in all sorts of savory dishes. When used in necessary quantity it makes all food taste good. However excessive intake is not good as it is known to elevate blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are asked to use salt in very little quantity or completely banned it. These people also fail to achieve a good erection in the bed. Somewhere high sodium or salt intake is responsible for the same. It causes other health concerns too.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is very common issue in men that makes them unable to get proper erection at the time of lovemaking. This issue arises because of several reasons and hypertension or high blood pressure is being one of them. This health concern shows fluctuations in the force of blood flowing in the blood vessels. Blood pressure is the force of blood exerts on the walls of the vessels. Too much of salt intake alters the blood pressure and thus it affects the force with which blood enters the male organ. And the result is loose organ that cannot perform well in the bed.

Sodium present in the salt is known to hold water molecules. Thus too much salt usage leads to bloating which increases the waistline preferably. It causes obesity which is also connected with erectile failure in men. However one can get rid of this issue with kamagra pills for impotence available online.

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