Does Smoking Affect Male Fertility?

Effect of smoking on the spermYou already know how bad smoking is for ones’ health. It can cause so many health problems like high blood pressure, stroke, including fatal diseases like cancer of lungs, throat and heart diseases. It is bad for your entire body and now it has come to notice that it can even damage your reproductive system.

It has been found that smoking may lead to a decrease in sperm mobility, a fall in sperm count and a disturbance in the shape of the sperm. We already know how harmful cigarettes are for female fertility and how they can damage the foetus if you are pregnant. Smoking can cause damage to the sperm and make it less likely or potent to fertilize an egg. When these damaged sperms fertilize an egg cell, the chances of a miscarriage is very high. Men and women who smoke are more infertile as compared to people who do not smoke.

Effect of Smoking on the Sperm

So here we will try to know what aspects of the sperm and its quality are affected and downgraded by the smoking habit. So the first thing affected by the smoking is the sperm concentration. It is found to decrease by 25% that is the quantity of sperms in a given concentration of semen falls down. The shape of the sperm is also affected by smoking which can cause problems in the ease of swimming well. The third thing that gets affected is the sperm motility which is the swimming capability of the sperm and if they are unable to do that, they will not be able to fertilize the egg properly. Smoking also causes fragmentation of the DNA. The DNA of smokers is more fragmented than DNA of non-smokers. Due to the oxidative stress on the sperms, the fragmentation of the DNA takes place.

Here are some of the common facts regarding the relation between smoking and having a baby:

  • Smoking on a habitual basis can lead to erectile dysfunction or inability to attain erections.
  • If a pregnant woman smokes, it may damage the foetus too.
  • If you smoke in three months before getting pregnant, you may be already damaging your child’s health.
  • Both mother and father smoking can lead to the baby having cancer.
  • Women who smoke regularly can reach menopause much before a non-smoker hence it causes Infertility in a way.

Does smoking really cause infertility in Men?

Well smoking may lead to decreased semen health but it does not always lead to infertility. If you are still on the border line of infertility, quitting smoking may lead to an improvement in the chances of the treatment of infertility. While smoking may not lead to infertility in future of the smoker’s children but if the mother smokes, it may lead to infertility in the son in future. But it does not mean that the smoking habits of the father has no ill effects on the baby. It may lead to birth defects in the offspring as well as an increased risk of cancer.

Now in case of smokers, those with sperms with low zinc concentration had poor sperm shape, concentration and motility. While people with higher zinc levels in their semen has better sperm shape, motility and concentration even after smoking.

Effect of passive smoking on female partner

It has come to notice that the fertility of the female partner is greatly affected if she is exposed to second hand smoking owing to her partner’s habits. It can cause infertility in the female too.

Cases related to IVF and ICSI treatments also have low chances when smoking. ICSI treatment is recommended only in case of moderate or high infertility so it is better to quit smoking if you are trying to conceive or undergoing a treatment for the same. It would be better to quit smoking at least 3 months before you plan on trying to have a baby. As smoking can have multiple ill effects on the foetus.

Smoking is a bad habit and so everyone knows. So you must quit specially if you are trying to conceive.

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