Can Alcohol Abuse Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

Alcohol Abuse and Erectile Dysfunction connection

Chronic alcohol consumption can have serious side effects on relationships. It usually leads to impotence in men resulting in failed relationships. Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are some of the side effects of excess alcohol consumption.

ED and premature ejaculation will worsen alcohol abuse due to inferiority complex building up in men. The thought of not able to satisfy their partner sexually will lead to low self-esteem. Studies have proven that a moderate amount of alcohol is good for sexual health. But when it exceeds the moderation limit, problems arise.

Alcohol has the ability to ease the nerves and relax the body. This may be good up to a certain limit. But if it is overdone, your body will not be able to get sexually charged. Eventually, it will lead to sexual dysfunctions.

Men may experience ED or premature ejaculation in their life due to various factors. It depends on the age of the person, medical conditions or any psychological causes such as stress and anxiety. But this can be treated with proper medications.

Over the years, reports have shown that though men who don’t consume alcohol also suffer sexual dysfunction, it is much higher in men who are chronic drinkers or smokers.

Erectile dysfunction is found vastly in men drinking more than three standards of alcohol(nearly 12g alcohol) or smoking more than 10 cigarettes daily. For men under 40, smoking causes erectile dysfunction the most. Sexual dysfunction is common among chronic alcohol abusers and some of them are;

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction can be temporary as well as long-term. Studies have shown that men who are not under the influence of alcohol are able to get an erection faster and stronger than intoxicated men.

This is mainly because, alcohol before sex decreases the flow of blood to the penis, reduces the excitement level, slows down the organs.

If you are having sex, it would not be that pleasurable as it would be without alcohol. If you are a chronic alcoholic, there are every chances of getting a long-term erectile dysfunction. More than 60 to 70% of the people who are chronic alcoholics suffer from long-term erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a serious problem. If you are using alcohol above the moderate limit, there is every possibility that you will not enjoy your sex life. This will leave your partner and relationship detached.

Lack of orgasms

If you are not enjoying your sex life, your ability to have orgasms will also reduce. Either you will ejaculate too soon or will not be able please you and your partner without any stimulation. Your body will not recuperate due to the adverse effects of alcohol in your body.

Lack of sexual urge

Excess alcohol can dampen the urge to have sex. The excitement will be gone. Even with proper stimulation, it will get difficult to be aroused. Alcohol abuse can also cause hormonal imbalance which will reduce the flow of blood to get an erection.

Apart from these, the emotional aspect of a relationship also gets affected. With little or no sex life, hurdles in a relationship begin which get quite difficult to overcome. Alcohol abuse may lead to conflicts even leading to divorce due to erectile dysfunction. Sexual assaults in a relationship is also a part of chronic alcohol use. Chances of STD-related diseases are high due to the influence of alcohol. Unplanned or sudden sex occurs mostly when alcohol is involved. Not using a protection are increased under such circumstances. This leads to greater chances of STD-related diseases.

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